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All stereograms meant for parallel viewing

Breathing Stereo Liquid Gold Twist-O-Gram
EyeMation Hystrangea $$ign
Rocking Amoeba Ocean Motion Dancing Gold
Mermaid II  

About these Galleries

From the regular Color Stereo Feedback page there has been some popular demand for animated stereograms: a distant second after more nude women stereograms. I do feel animation is the way things will eventually turn, but it is extremely time consuming to make these, as well as extremely difficult to market them.  As a result, I am sorry to say, I will not likely create more animations.

I've made two different animations galleries:
   The first uses java script to flip through multiple frames as a traditional animation would. These animations are slow to load because there are so many images to one animation. Once loaded, there should be no flicker.
   The second uses java APPLETS for a variety of motion effects. They may load with more quirkiness then you are used to, because the java applets are like little applications unto themselves. Slow loading can be expected as well.

All the animations are all best viewed with a broadband connection, Java enabled, and the latest browser versions. Please be patient if you have a dial-up connection.

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