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Feb. 2012 Update:

The Color Stereo site has been overhauled for the first time in 10 years!  There is a whole new look for most of the pages.  Many new images have been added, but some older galleries have been dropped. My signature lines on my digital images have become increasingly prominent because of increasing unauthorized use. 

Another new stereogram book has been released.  This one is from Imagine Publishing and is titled Startling Stereograms.  It is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Please see the Color Stereo, Publications Page for more info.

An entire new section has been added to Color Stereo.  The Custom Stereograms section gives as much information as possible regarding custom stereogram considerations, pricing, and solicitations.

ThinKingdom Publishing in China has released a series of five stereogram publications they have licensed from Takarajimasha, my Japanese publisher.  Five more should be released later this year.  These will only be readily available in China.

I still remain mostly published in Japan, but you may begin seeing more of my works in books, textbooks, magazines, a variety of ads, and miscellaneous corporate projects throughout the world.

                                          Gene Levine


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