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About Anaglyphs

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About Anaglyphs 

It may not be by name, but more people are likely familiar with anaglyphs than any other form of 3D images. Movies, magazines, comics, novelties, art, and now the Internet have kept this 3D technique popular.

Anaglyphs require the simple device of complementary colored lenses for each eye. The greatest thing about anaglyphs is it makes viewing 3D almost foolproof for everybody, whereas 3D stereograms images requiring no device ("freeviewing") may take practice, and still remain elusive to a great many people. The downside of anaglyphs is a substantial loss of color rendering.

Color Stereo Anaglyphs are mostly made from stereograms or stereogram elements. This makes them a little different than the usual anaglyphs made strictly through stereo photography.

3D Glasses

3D glasses

For all anaglyphs on the Color Stereo site, and most anaglyphs you encounter, the red lens should be over left eye. The Red-Cyan combination is recommended for the Color Stereo anaglyphs.

There are three different colors that usually go on the right: Blue, Cyan, or Green.
Green is best used for monochrome anaglyphs. I got mine at a black & white 3D horror film over 30 years ago.
Blue does the best job of removing the color ghosting innate with anaglyphs, but has the downside of darker images and washed out colors..
Cyan is good for removing all but the most severe ghosting while leaving a brighter and more color saturated image than blue.

With cardboard frames, the stems can be bent back to reverse which color is on either side. This will usually reverse the direction of depth.

You can use find resources for purchasing 3D glasses on the Anaglyph Links page.

Viewing Considerations

The longer you gaze at an anaglyph, the stronger the effect becomes.
Increasing your distance from the image can also increase effect.
If you move, the image's objects may follow you: especially true with eye images.
Using complementary colored 3D glasses may produce visual discomfort in some people.
You've been warned; now put on your glasses and enjoy.
Color Stereo Anaglyph Gallery 1

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