Stereo Pairs are the basis for all stereograms —even SIRDS.  They have been used in the world of photography since the mid 1800's.  Now, with the personal computer and a graphics program, any image can be manipulated for a stereogramic effect. These are ofter harder to view than other stereogram types. If you experience difficulty viewing these you may want to try pulling back from the screen.  If you need some fast stereogram viewing practice, click here:








Sheila Spiral   CS Globe   Starry Night   Consegment   Rose Rows
Sunset   Shell Set   Christine green   Ausi Tea   Fleur d Leap
Dizzy Daisy   New Leaf   Rose Leaf   TwirlOgram   Flight Shasta
Turn Hive   Rose Merry   Vancouver   Hawk Girl    

These earlier stereograms were created on my Atari computer , circa 1996.

Eye Raft   Niki Sky   Eye-D-Ology   Ser Kiss    




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Lizard Eye   Snake-Eyes   Rosey'O'gram        












Fasten your eyes on just one eyeball, above.

Slowly bring your face forward.  Do not try to maintain focus—let your eyes relax.

Does something happen to the eyeball pattern? If not--you might want to go to Stereogram Viewing Practice page.



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