Stereo Fields are basically Object Array Stereograms, but where OAS uses separate objects, a stereo field shapes it depth with seamless repeated patterns.

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Blue Butterfly   Butterfly Lines   Glad Plaid   Rising Sun   Go
Nile Sunset   Egypt Shadows   Stone Burst   Straight Arrow   Molten Water
Wealth   Dragon Light   Byzantine   Frax Bubbles   Color Sieve
Blossom Wave   Yang Yin   Enbubbled   Butterfly Scarf   Mermaid
Gold Eye Sky   PiKatzo   Inspiration   Blue Fortune   Scorpians
Atmosphere   Village   $100 & Change   King & Queen   The Offering
Magic Carpet   French Alps   Eyesetts   Footsteps   Bird Sky

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Fasten your eyes on just one egg, above.

Slowly bring your face forward.  Do not try to maintain focus—let your eyes relax.

Does something happen to the egg pattern? If not--you might want to go to Stereogram Viewing Practice page.


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