Valentine Stereograms

Valentine Stereogram Gallery  

Please feel free to download these valentines for that special person. Though no commercial use is permitted, Color Stereo will not stand in the way of romance.

Note that some valentines change with mouse rollover.  It is the bottom image that will be downloaded.  Some smaller versions are included for those with smaller monitors and screen resolutions.  Clicking on an image will return to this page.

Did you surf here by chance?  Are you wondering what a stereogram is?  See the FAQ below.



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Quick Stereogram FAQ:

You've probably been exposed already. Since the 1990's, books, newspapers, and the Internet have been publishing 2D images that viewed in a certain way with the unaided eye will jump out in 3D. Sometimes the image is hidden in a jiggley pattern; other times it is recognizable images repeated two or more times. These are stereograms.

The idea of a new way to use your vision can be quite profound for the first time viewer. You do not think you see the 3D effect: you know it. So how do you view a stereogram?

There are two ways to view a stereogram: wide-eyed, and cross-eyed. Wide-eyed means your eyes neither converge normally, or cross uncomfortably. The stereograms on this site are all for wide-eyed viewing. It may take some practice, so for a little of just that there is the Color Stereo practice page.


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